I-witness to Christmas…The Shepherds

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I-Witness to Christmas….the Inn in Bethlehem

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I-witness on the road to Bethlehem

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I-Witness to Christmas…..Joseph’s story(Matthew 2)

Today we read the story of Joseph.  The students discussed the role he played and the tough choices he made concerning the birth of Jesus.

Listed below are the students I-Witness accounts of Joseph’s experience.  Please feel free to reply to any of the posts.

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I-witness to the story of Christmas

Today I asked my students to reflect on the story in Luke 1 about the angels visit to Mary.  They were asked to become an I-witness to the events that “may have” occurred following this day.

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Wow!  What an awesome start to the year.  God has blessed us with 19 students in our classroom which means a lot more opportunities to grow and change.  Please share your thoughts about this week and your hopes for this year as we start a new term.  God’s Blessings on your work and your journey. MRS. M

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