Wow!  What an awesome start to the year.  God has blessed us with 19 students in our classroom which means a lot more opportunities to grow and change.  Please share your thoughts about this week and your hopes for this year as we start a new term.  God’s Blessings on your work and your journey. MRS. M

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  1. ethan says:

    I wish I could of ate Frozen Yogurt, but maybe I will get to eat some next year!!!

    • Ethan says:

      The first week of school went great I got pretzels, candy, and cookies. I also think that the first week went great because school started on a Thursday. The best thing about the first week of school was getting minion snacks. So this is why the first week of school went great, and U hope it gets even better from there.

  2. Tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy says:

    The first week of school was fun and interesting. I am glad that I have an awesome teacher to spend this year with and cool friends. The 8th grade got to go to pink penguin to get some frozen yogurt it was good and sorry 7th grade. My first week was fun but I hope it gets better.

  3. Cain Brymer says:

    This was a very good week because it was fun and exciting. We got many extra things that we can do at school. I think this week will be the same as long as I do my homework. I’m looking forward to having a good year and having a lot of fun

  4. Carter Brymer says:

    The first week of school was awesome!!! Mrs. Melcher gave us candy, pretzels, and cookies!!! We had a lot of fun getting to know each other and starting off the school year. The St. Paul Lions football team also had their first practice on Monday. I hope this week is as awesome as last week.

  5. BB says:

    My first week of school was not as exiting as I thought it would be. We got homework on the first day of school, we have to eat at “fake” lunch tables, and also we get to do everything last. Its not too bad though.So for now I wont complain…….too much.

  6. ashley says:

    My first week of school was awesome!! We had our first volleyball practices.We had several big weekly assignments assessed. We had to figure out who the minions are.We had our first cheer practices also!! It’s so much fun to be a 7th grader!!

  7. jaceypaulsen says:

    My first week of school was very interesting. I learned about how 8th grade is always first and also that they talk a lot! Another thing that I learned was we need to learn from their mistakes and be open minded about everything. But I actually did learn something in a subject too! I learned about empirical evidence in science which is observations and facts. So over all I had a great week that was filled with very interesting people.

  8. katie says:

    In the first week of school I became an eighth grader, I became one of the many other leaders of the school, I became one of the kids the younger students look up to. On the first full week of school we started to get into the routine of all of our classes and also began our journey in becoming better students. On Tuesday, the eighth grade class went to Pink Penguin and had our first class trip. The rest of the week is filled with many other memories that I will never forget because this is my family and family doesn’t forget.


  9. Reina says:

    The first week of school with Mrs. Melcher was an experience. I learned that 7th and 8th get more assignments than 5th and 6th. I also learned that 8th grade gets to do everything first because they are considered the seniors of St. Paul. I liked how we were treated more like young adults and less like little kids. This was a great week but I hope I have a great year.

  10. Jayci says:

    On the first week of school we had volleyball practice at 6:50am. Also, on Tuesday we went to Pink Penguin in Hutto and ate a whole 138 oz!! On Wednesday we had a pretty normal day, including Literature, Math, Science, Computer, History, and Religion. On Thursday we had Music and went over a composer named Louis Prima. Also, at 6:50am we had another volleyball practice. Finally, on Friday we started to work on a project for History. Even though that week went by pretty slow, it was still kind of fun.

  11. Justin says:

    This first full week of school was amazing. The boys started football practice on Monday and were assigned our positions. This week was also fun because the 8th graders from last year came to eat lunch with us and visited through out the day. On Tuesday the 8th grade went to Pink Penguin and had frozen yogurt. We ended up eating a total of 138 ounces (8.5 pounds). The rest of the week wasn’t that special aside from the fact that we started doing our classes. I believe that this year will be a great year and that we will have a lot of fun with the 7th grade.

  12. Amber says:

    I liked the first week of the school it was fun and we got fun things to do for homework. I think I’m gonna like the 7th grade. The only thing I don’t like about it is “8th grade first.” But then next year I will like that rule. 7th grade is gonna be a good year!

  13. Grant widner says:

    my first week of school was good but it took me a while to get back into a good sleep schedule, and to adjust to the new amounts of homework but overall it was good. My three teachers were great I liked how some of them would really take the time to explain concepts that I didn’t understand. Really the thing I liked most was the freedom to be a 7th grader you get treated with more respect and teachers trust you more so you can do many things. I look forward to the new school year and getting to know my teachers.

  14. Ally Page says:

    School always makes me extremely happy; seeing my friends, going to the classes, I even like the homework. But even though school is the best the first week of school is the greatest. We finally get back into the normal schedule on Monday; Tuesday 8th grade went to Pink Peguin; Wednesday we had our first chapel and the week still isn’t over. on Thursday we had our first Spanish class of the year, and the best day yet was Friday. Nothing special happened Friday, but you can feel the expectation of the weekend coming up, it always brings excitement. School is my favorite place in the world. It has everything: my best friends, a library, my teachers, Mrs. Shirley. I am so certain that this is going to be my best year here at St. Paul, I’ve decided to call it 8th Grade: The Best Year of my Life. Wish me luck!! 🙂

  15. Meagan says:

    Last week was the first full week of school. I enjoyed it for the most part, I just need to get caught up on my sleep. I am in a lot of school activities such as volleyball and cheer and I will be in PSIA when the time comes around. I am especially excited for this year because I just started 8th grade. I am sad to say that it is my last year at St. Paul but I will do my best to make it the most memorable. I can’t believe that I already started school. Summer went by in a blur. I think the first week turned out pretty good. We went out to get frozen yogurt, played sports, sang songs, studied subjects, and most importantly, learned about God. It would be a good year as is, but nothing like the times I would have with God in my life. I am glad to say that I am starting my 8th grade year at St. Paul as a Christian, strong in the faith.

  16. Garrett says:

    My first week of school was amazing! I was excited to be with the seventh graders again after two years. We also had football practice on Monday so I got to spend more time with the boys and get to learn more about them. To sum up the week we had yearbook signing on Friday. I enjoyed yearbook signing because it was bitter sweet seeing the 8th graders leave. I was sad they were gone but to go to the 8th grade taking there old responsibility as role models is great!

  17. Hannah says:

    Last week was very fun.On Monday we had a full day of school which was fun.Tuesday we went to pink penguin, which was very good.Wednesday was just a regular school day.Thursday we had volleyball which was fun.Friday we had yearbook signing then all the cheerleaders went to Ally,s house and made signs,spirit sticks and had lots of fun.So far St.Pauls has been very fun for me and I hope we have a good year.

  18. Allison says:

    The first full week of school was a success! On Monday, we had a normal day of school, but it was really fun! Tuesday, we had volleyball practice in the morning and then after school we went on our first 8th grade trip! Mrs. Melcher took us to Pink Penguin, a frozen yogurt place, and all together we ate 139 oz. of yogurt! Then on Wednesday we had our first chapel, Thursday we had volleyball again, and Friday 8th grade started our cave drawings and we had yearbook signing. I have a feeling this year is gonna be pretty good! I’m looking forward to work on fun and creative activities Mrs. Melcher has for us and I’m ready for an awesome 8th grade year. I hope that we do good in our sports, academics, and don’t run into too many problems!

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