I-Witness to Christmas…..Joseph’s story(Matthew 2)

Today we read the story of Joseph.  The students discussed the role he played and the tough choices he made concerning the birth of Jesus.

Listed below are the students I-Witness accounts of Joseph’s experience.  Please feel free to reply to any of the posts.

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16 Responses to I-Witness to Christmas…..Joseph’s story(Matthew 2)

  1. CAINBRYMER says:

    I’m Joseph the soon to be new husband of the virgin Mary who already has a child that is not mine. why would God choose me to raise the child and be the husband of Mary. out of all the people God could have chosen he chooses a old carpenter like me who has no experience with a baby or a wife. Why did he choose me and why did i say yes.

  2. Ashley says:

    Hi, I am Gabriel, the angel that came to Joseph. Today I was sent, by God, to go and tell Joseph about what was going to happen in the next few months with him and Mary. I had told him that his wife Mary would bear a son, God’s son. And that he will call him Jesus. For he will be the Savior of the world. I had told him all of that in a dream. And when he had awakened I left. I watched him take Mary as his wife and giver her son the name Jesus, in Heaven.

  3. BB says:

    Hi I’m Gabriel, a couple of nights after I told Mary that she would be with child, I had to tell Joseph that Mary was with child by the holy spirit. Because Joseph was about to make the biggest mistake of his life and quietly divorce Mary, even though that was not in God’s plan. In Joseph’s dream I told him all about God’s plan for him and Mary. Joseph agreed to do what I have told him. And I know Joseph will do so because he is a very righteous man.

  4. grant says:

    I am Joseph, when a angel of the Lord comes to you in a dream and tells you that your wife to be is having a child and the father is god you get pretty freaked out. Just think about it my fiancé is part of God’s plan to set us free and get this I still have to take care of Mary and her baby. How do I know If the dream was even real or not but I still love Mary and will always take care of her.

  5. Carter Brymer says:

    Carter Brymer – Mary’s Father
    Hi,I am Mary’s father, today Mary told me that she was pregnant. The baby was not Joseph’s. Mary must have had a baby with another man. I asked her who this man was. Mary said it was God’s baby. I do not believe her. Joseph must be angry about all of this. Joseph might divorce Mary.

    Today I just figured out that Joseph will not divorce Mary and they will stay together. Joseph took my daughter to his house and will help Mary through her pregnancy.

  6. Ally says:

    So my son, Joseph, is engaged to be married to this so called virgin named Mary. The thing with Mary is that she is pregnant. She swears she didn’t sleep with anyone and that an angel came in a dream and told her that it was God’s child. This woman is a nut! I don’t want my son marring this strange girl. And for a while that’s what Joseph thought too. Then Joseph had a dream where an angel came and told him that he was to take Mary into his house as his wife. I am beginning to think that something a little bit bigger than us has to do with this. I think that God has a plan. But I just don’t want to marry my son off and have it been a mistake. I sincerely hope this works out.

  7. TY says:

    My name is Joseph, I am Mary’s husband. When she told me that she was pregnant I was shocked. But an angel of the Lord came down from Heaven to me in my dreams and said to name the baby Jesus. When the baby was born I names him Jesus like the angel and he was born in a stable with animals. There were Wise men, shepherds, and all kinds a people to see the birth of Gods son.

  8. Garrett says:

    Hi, I am Gabriel. Last night God sent me to Joseph’s house to appear to him in a dream. Saying,” Take Mary as your wife, she will give birth to Gods son, and your are to name him Jesus.” When I first appeared to Joseph I saw the stress, worry, and disbelief right through him. Once I told him the news God sent to him I could tell he was relieved and do what the correct thing and take Mary as his wife. As a angle/messenger, it was one of my favorite things I have been chosen to do.

  9. Jayci says:


    “Do not be afraid. Take Mary as your wife, and the baby in her womb was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and you will call him Jesus,” I said to Joseph as he was sound asleep dreaming about me and what news he had just received. I stand in heaven watching over Joseph as he awakens. He looks up to heaved and starts to pray. I can only imagine the thoughts pounding through his head right now. And there he gets up and starts running…. towards Mary.

  10. Reina says:

    Joseph just explained his situation to me. I am Ezreal, Joseph’s sister. He was told by an angel to marry a pregnant woman named Mary who would have God’s son. I feel bad for him because of all the shame others will put him through. He would be accused of actions he had not committed. Joseph asked me if he should marry this woman or divorce her. After all, she is already pregnant with a child that is not his own. I told him to marry her because it was what God had wanted. I hope Joseph will get a happy ending after he has fulfilled God’s plan.
    – Ezreal

  11. Katie says:

    I want my son to come into this world and be someone everybody looks up to, I chose Mary and Joseph to be the parents of my son because they love me with all their hearts. As soon as I sent Gabriel to Mary, she told her family and Joseph to believe her but nobody did. Joseph was going to divorce her quietly so the whole town didn’t hear about it. One night I sent Gabriel to Joseph telling him everything is going to be okay and trust what Mary had told him. Now they are living happily and waiting for the son of God to be born.


  12. Justin says:

    Hello, I am Joseph. I am pledged in marriage to Mary. I had thought about quietly divorcing her, but my plans changed a few nights ago.
    An angel of the Lord appeared to me in a dream. He told me that I should stay with Mary, and keep her from being disgraced. The angle then left me and I awakened and took Mary as my wife.
    It has been hard trying to tell our friends and people in Nazareth that this is not my child. This child is the Son of God. Most people do not believe this story, but those who do believe completely understand.

  13. Hannah Reynosa says:

    HI my name is Gabriel, and I am going to tell you the time when I visit Joseph.
    God sent me to Joseph whenever he found out Mary was with child.He wanted to divorce her because she was pregnant with someone else child. He did not want to be a disgrace to his family name or himself.While he was sleeping,I showed up and Joseph looked terrified. I told him that he must marry Mary and name the child Jesus. I disaperred and Joseph woke and took Mary as his wife.

  14. Hello my name is Joseph, and today I will tell you about my dream. I was in a deep sleep and suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared to me and I was startled. The angel said,” Do not be afraid for I am here to tell you about your wife Mary that is to be with a son, the Messiah.” ” You shall call him Emmanuel, which means God be with us.” The angel then said, ” Take Mary home and take care of her.” Then the angel left and I suddenly awakened. And I did as I was told. -Joseph

  15. Amber says:

    Hi im Joseph, i am Mary’s husband to be. when i found out that she was pregnant with Gods son i was very scared.But then an angel came to me in my dreams and told me that i was to name the child Jesus. But what i first wanted to do was get a quit divorce so that Mary would not be stoned because i did not want her to be hurt. but i did what the angel told me to do. And everything was just fine at the end.

  16. Allison says:

    Hi, I’m Joseph’s mother. A lot has been going on in our household lately. First, we get the news that Joseph’s fiance, Mary, is pregnant. She says it is God’s child, but it is so hard to believe that an angel came and told her that. At our house we have mixed emotions, and so does Joseph. Mary could be crazy, or she could be right, we never know. This is not the last crazy problem going on though…..
    Here’s the second crazy thing in our family now. Joseph said an angel appeared to him in a dream. The angel told Joseph that he needs to stay with Mary through all of this, which I completely agree with. The angel also told him that Mary will have the son of God, Jesus, which was given to her by the holy spirit. Not I guess we’ll never know. Or maybe just both of them are crazy. This has me confused, but I’m pretty sure that this is God working through them and I will support my son in his journey and I will believe him and trust in God.

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