Teacher Qualities

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  1. Emmerson says:

    Mrs. Williamson
    I chose to write about Mrs. Williamson. She is one of the best teachers that I have ever had, and I hope that, even in this short space, I can show you how great she is.
    Mrs Williamson is very kind. If we are having a bad day, she will ask us what is bothering us, or if we have a volleyball / basketball game that night, she will let us work on homework in class.
    Mrs. Williamson is also very smart. If you have a problem on math that you can not, for all your worth, figure out, she will probably get it in under a minute, even if she doesn’t understand the problem either.
    One of my favorite things about Mrs. Williamson is that she gives us mints if we have a test. She knows that food fuels thought, and everybody loves the “candy.”
    A final thing is, she loves God. Even if our unit has no relevance to religion whatsoever, she can still figure out a way to make Jesus and negative integers be in the same lesson.

    • landri says:

      I agree with you when you said that she is kind in ways like she tries to cheer us up. And when she gives us homework on game nights she will let us work on it in class so that we do not have a ton of homework on game nights.

    • Natalie says:

      I agree, Mrs.Williamson is a great teacher that doesn’t only focus on homework, but how are day is and understanding a concept. She understands our position and tries her best to make learning fun.

    • Chloe says:

      I agree with you that Mrs. Williamson is very generous about letting us finish work, or having study hall. A class with her is always fun, and it seems like I always learn something new. She knows how to teach and explain things very well and is very kind like you said. Even though Mrs. Williamson is a science teacher, your right, she does include Jesus or the bible in our lessons.

  2. Emily O. says:

    The teacher that I picked is the one and only Mr.Moss. Mr.Moss understands and even theorizes the importance of not being a boring teacher. Now this may sound cliche but it really does help kids of all ages to learn… and I have experienced it! He can help us understand complex things like math by saying funny things about the areas in which we are focusing. When he wants to help us memorize certain things he will make up a funny story or phrase that will help us. For example, he will make up funny stories using our spelling words that make us look forwards to our next spelling test. He also lets us play really fun review games such as Nerf gun vocab or coke bottle bowling. Although we are having a lot of fun we are still learning all the same. Mr.Moss makes sure that we are on task. If one of us is not paying attention they will soon find out that they need to stop thinking about goats and kitties (inside joke) and listen to what he has to say because it really does help you later on. Even though I only got to experience this amazing teaching stile for one year I am still happy that I was. I got to see The Fish Stick, taco the turtle, and mourn for lots, and lots of kitties, ( don’t ask) and for that I am great full
    Thanks Mr.Moss!.

    • Harrison Bender says:

      Mr. Moss was a good teacher who maintained a healthy mix of the funniest person in the school and the most serious. His games were also really fun while being informational.
      Good choice and good writing/details

  3. landri says:

    The teacher that I picked is Pastor Kalbas. One of the reasons I picked him is because we still do what we are supposed to do in class but he makes it more fun. A couple of examples are that he is always happy or smiling no matter what and is always making jokes that are funny and are most the time relatable to class. He also lets us talk in class sometimes knowing that we are still paying attention and we know what is going on. Or if we have a lot of homework or get done with class early he lets us have a study hall to finished what we have. And lastly he always brings suckers that are all gone by the end of the day.

  4. Harrison Bender says:

    Pastor Kalbas is one of my favorite teachers because he teaches well. And here are the reasons why I think that. He provides ways to brings our grades up such as 10 extra points for cursive and sometimes extra work for extra credit. He makes the lessons he teaches easy to understand while still giving them good detail and explaining them to justice. He also makes learning fun by integrating games into our lesson for studying or even for a test. He is just an all around friendly guy who you you would like to barbecue with on Saturdays, he occasionally treats us with candy such as chocolate and lollipops and the famous ice cream party when you learn the song. He does all this while still be serious enough to be a good teacher but relaxed enough to be your friend at the same time. Pastor Kalbas just makes learning religion a fun environment and that’s why he’s good at what he does.

    • Ty Pesl says:

      I agree I loved Pastor Kalbas’ lessons in religion he made them really fun and got us to listen but at the same time he also got us to learn. And I liked the lollipops and Icecream
      🙂 good choice

  5. Chloe says:

    There are many good teachers at St. Paul, but a teacher that I really enjoy is Mrs. Williamson. One thing Mrs. Williamson is really good at is explaining things. She knows how to explain things in ways that are really understandable. Whenever I don’t understand something in class, I go to her, and she makes it seem so much easier than i thought it was before i asked her. Mrs. Williamson is also very generous. sometimes she lets us do corrections on tests which is very thoughtful of her. She also is very understandable and makes learning fun. Math use to be my least favorite subject, but this year it is my first. Any class with Mrs. Williamson is fun and I know this because I like a subject that I use to not like. Mrs Williamson is one of my favorite teachers at St. Paul and I would probably enjoy any class that I took with her as my teacher. I am lucky to have Mrs. Williamson as one of my teachers.

    • rylee says:

      Mrs.Williamson is the best at explaining Math because sometimes i don’t understand until after I ask her she also makes learning fun.Math use to be a subject I least enjoyed but when I got her as a teacher I started to understand so much better and now math is a subject I enjoy now. Its very generous of her to let us do corrections to improve our grade and understand it better.

  6. rylee says:

    Mrs.Garcia is a great teacher some of her qualities are is her great sense of humor she is always making you laugh. She is a good listener she listens to what you have to say. Shes very kind and very friendly you could talk to her all day especially if you talk about computer science, sports, and science. So that’s why Mrs. Garcia is a good teacher ,because she is a good listener, a great sense of humor,kind,friendly. Everything you want in a teacher.

  7. Ty Pesl says:

    Mrs. Williamson is my favorite teacher because she is laid back but also productive. She teaches Science and we do experiments that are fun but also educational. When we get done with all the things that we have planned for the day we get to have study hall or do something fun or sometimes on Fridays we watch Dude Perfect. but Mrs Williamson doesn’t just let us have fun she also gives us homework and is always available for questions. I love her math classes , She strives not only to teach us but to also make us understand fully. And if we don’t understand then she goes back and helps us.

    • Emily O. says:

      I completely agree. Mrs.Williamson has many great ways that she teaches and does man productive things along with them. She creates an amazing environment for us to learn in and you stated that very clearly. I like how you said that she makes sure that we understand fully the subject at hand. Good job!

    • jase easley says:

      i agree because i like teachers like that, that are productive but laid back at the same time and that dont lay all this stuff on us at one moment and she walks us through it unlike math and reading and other subjects where they give it to us and dont really give a lot of time to go over it

  8. Natalie says:

    The teacher that I chose to write a reply on is Mrs. Brymer. Mrs. Brymer is the Pre-K teacher here at St.Paul. As well as teaching her kids enough to move on to kindergarten, she also makes learning fun.

    Mrs. Brymer is one of the only teachers I know that makes learning exiting for her students but also fun for herself too. Mrs. Brymer has exciting activities like, show and tell. When she does show and tell she has a bucket of things that start with the letter that we were doing that week. Mrs.Brymer also let us have centers everyday that taught us new things.

    She made songs to memorize important things that we needed to learn in Pre-K, like the days of the week. Today I still remember the songs that she used to sing. She is very creative and she would always have ideas for new crafts.

    Most importantly she never forgot to show God’s words through her actions. She would comfort anyone who was sad, and teach us God’s word everyday even if it wasn’t Religion time. Mrs. Brymer is a loving,caring, fun teacher.

    • Emmerson says:

      I completely agree! Mrs. Brymer’s room was one of the best times that I have ever had at St. Paul. It is amazing to see the work she does with the little kids, and how much they love her, and she is still one of my favorite teachers, even though I had outgrown Pre-K a while ago.

  9. jase easley says:

    The teacher i chose was Mrs.Brymer

    I chose her because she always keeps a very positive attitude around young kids which helps them grow up to be a very kind full loving child that also helps them possibly do to there own children one day.

    Another attribute she has is to care the reason for this is because that she watches little kids throughout the whole day which takes up her time where she doesn’t spend all the time she can with her family instead she helps other families and plus taking care of that many young kids is a hassle my little brother is four and he is annoying a lot but hes still my brother.

    She is funny and i barely know her because i’m still fairly new to st paul but last year when we practiced for the christmas program she would come in the gym and joke around with us and put on reindeer horns which everyone found very funny.

    Mrs.brymer is also one of the most skilled teachers with pre k and other kids because she has been working at this school for a very long time and with time comes experience and now she is able to handle everything that happens.

  10. Kyndal Robinson says:

    Mrs. Garcia
    I chose Mrs. Garcia because she always brings humor into the class. She also manages to give us enough time to finish our work and turn in out assignments.
    Sometimes, we will start talking about something random- from hurricanes to political issues. Mrs. Garcia, or Mrs. G, is hilarious. She makes puns, talks about memes, and loves to make little jokes at which we all laugh at. Even though we get off topic sometimes, we still finish our work. She gives us IXL days, study hall days, and simple work days. We have tests every other week, and we usually get good grades because the things are taught to us well. We always have fun and creative ways to take notes, which gets us more intrigued with the work that we are doing.

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