Melcher’s Activist!

The posts listed below reflect some unique thoughts from my students.  Please read and respond.


35 Responses to Melcher’s Activist!

  1. Emmerson says:

    Breaks at School
    Every day, millions of kids go to school, as required by law. School teaches you what you need to know for life, but sometimes the school day can feel long and monotonous if there are no stops or breaks in the learning.
    I believe in more break times at school. Many other kids feel the same way. We do not want breaks to goof around or slack off, but to get work done so we have time after school for sports practices or to have more time with our families.
    There is nothing wrong with the way the school’s schedule is now, and it is probably put that way to ensure we learn everything we need to get through that day, but some busy days, we go through the lesson for most of the class period, and have 5-10 minutes of work time that only gets us started on the assignment.
    As I stated in the last paragraph, there is nothing wrong with our current schedule, but what is the harm of a little more time to work?

    • Emily O. says:

      I agree with your statement because even the little amount of homework that I have almost every night can really get in the way of sports and time with my family. Too much time spent on homework can also cause lack of sleep because sometimes projects or such can take a long time to finish.
      As I said earlier I agree with your statement and this is not projected at you Emmerson, but I do think that there are a lot of kids who wait last minute to do assignments. Also that breaks before classes give kids who forgot to do their homework or just didn’t do their homework a chance to sneak it in.Although this could be an issue I do agree with Emmerson’s statement.

      • jase easley says:

        i agree with this statement alot because it is very boring when you cant be apart of your own family and do things i also do wish we had alot more class time because like you said we only usually get 5 to 10 minutes if work done.

    • rylee says:

      I agree because after school we have sports and sometimes I don’t have enough time to finish my work before practice. When we get an assignment at school we have 5-10 minutes to work, but i like our current schedule because we finish all our main classes in the morning and study hall in the afternoon to work on our assignments.

    • Kyndal Robinson says:

      Your article is every kid’s wish. I love it! I think you did a great job explaining why we should get more breaks. One of my favorite articles that I have ever read. Thank you for posting this, because this is great. Good job, Emmerson.

    • kinley meadors says:

      I agree with you. I love breaks because like you said we already have a long enough school day and then having to go home and do homework for the rest of the night instead of spending time with family and eating at the table with your family. I like that you said it is not just a time to slack off or act goofy because if it were me I would use my time wisely and actually get my homework done, so I don’t have to do it when I get home! Your article has a great point and purpose and I like it 🙂

  2. landri says:


    People Should Not Be Able To Own More Than 10 Pets At A Time.

    People should not be able to own more than ten pets at a time. I think so because first, if you own to many pets that it can get very expensive for food, water, toys, and taking them to the vet to get shots.
    Second, people should not own more than ten pets because not all the animals are getting attention. If you have a job you can’t be with them all the time. You have to walk them, play with, them, you also need to train them, and depending on the animal you need to walk and run them more than others.
    And lastly, if you go on vacation or out of town you need someone to look after them. And finding someone to look after that many pets would first be hard to find and second be expensive to pay them.

    • rylee says:

      I disagree because people who show animals you have to have more than one when I showed rabbits you had to show 3 but have 4 and me and my brother had showed together that’s 8 and plus our pets we had 20 animals all together.

  3. Ty Pesl says:

    I think that the importance of Law is a big thing because Law is one of the things that keep civilization running. With out law we would not be able to do any thing because we need it that bad without boundaries we aren’t human someone is always above us making laws and giving us order. That is OK we need someone on top to give us orders other wise we couldn’t function. People say that laws are wrong and some are but that doesn’t mean we can just fight the government with violence we the people are the United States of America not just part of it people make society but laws keep society together.

  4. Kyndal Robinson says:

    Abortion 8/30/17
    What if your mother decided to abort you? Well, for one, you would not be reading this text right at this very moment. Abortion should be illegal at any age in the womb.
    A baby is a baby, whether it has been brought into the world yet or not. Abortion is murder, and should be illegal. In my opinion, if the baby has a heartbeat, even if the child is not entirely complete in it’s growth scale, is living. If i was older, and had a miscarriage, I probably couldn’t live with myself knowing that a child lost it’s life under my care. But, today people do that on purpose. Also, consider all of the people who cannot have children, maybe think about adoption for your child? Either way, you should not brutally kill a baby in the womb.

    • Natalie says:

      I agree with your article, because, abortion should be illegal at any age. I believe that a baby at any age is a human, and that murder is murder.

    • Emmerson says:

      This article really stood out to me because abortion is very common in society, and yet it is completely appalling how a person can just choose if a person lives or dies, just because of how they feel it should be. A better option would definitely be adoption, or to even change your mind at the last second and keep the baby as your own.

    • Chloe says:

      I really like your topic and agree with everything you say. It doesn’t matter if the baby isn’t born yet it is still murder. Everyone deserves a chance at life, weather the mom doesn’t want the child or if the child has disabilities. It makes me sad to know innocent lives are killed just because someone doesn’t want them or they have disabilities. I believe that we all have a reason to be here and that we all deserve a chance at life.

    • landri says:

      I agree with your topic because, a lot of people will have an abortion done just cause they don’t want the baby. But people who can not have children may want an opportunity to have one of their one by adopting a child.

    • Harrison Bender says:

      I strongly agree with you because killing an unborn baby is just as brutal and merciless as killing anyone else. The only way I would agree with abortion is if the mother was going to die during birth.Thank you for taking the time to talk about an issue that negatively affects our, especially since abortion is common practice around the world.

  5. rylee says:

    The Environment
    Our Environment is full of trash and it kills many types of animals and causes global warming. We can fix this problem by simply picking up our trash. For example if you go to the park any trash you have you throw it away. The ocean has millions of animals but some are slowly dying off because all of the pollution and trash. Some types of animals eat jelly fish but instead they eat paper.The least we can do is pick up our trash.

    • Emily O. says:

      I agree with you Rylee mainly because I am passionate about the same kind of things. It is so simple how we can clean up our planet, and yet people still regard it as a hard task that they don’t have time to do.

  6. Chloe says:

    Music During School
    Do you enjoy listening to music? I do especially when I’m doing homework. I fell like it helps me focus better. I think that during tests kids should be allowed to listen to music to help them concentrate. There are many people today who enjoy listening to music. There are also many kids who have trouble paying attention or focusing. I think if there was music during tests or quizzes more kids would be able to focus better. I think if people can memorize the words to their favorite songs, while there studying they will memorize the things they are studying for. so then during a test, while there listening to music, they will remember what they need to know for the test. Listening to music has helped me focus more and I think it can help others too.

    • Emmerson says:

      I agree with you. Music does help me focus, remember things, and gives me something to tune out distractions. I am sure that it helps other people focus, as well as helping them study better.

  7. Emily O. says:

    Goodbye Trees
    My article ,Goodbye Trees, is made to inform you about the importance of being environmentally aware about deforestation. Deforestation is the removal of a forest, or large group of trees. Deforestation commonly occurs when an urban city is wanting to expand structure developments or in rain forests for lumber use.
    When deforestation occurs it can deprive many animals of their habitats. Did you know that up to eighty percent of earth’s non-domesticated land animals live in forests? Most of those animals cannot survive due to lack of habitat, and food sources that their old habitats may have provided. In certain areas lack of food and habitats can drive wild animals into places where humans live. This can be dangerous for the humans and for the animals.
    Deforestation also contributes a factor into global warming. When trees in a rain forest are cut down for lumber purposes the moisture in the ground is released into the atmosphere.
    The best solution to deforestation would be to inform the public and start to eliminate clear cutting from the lumber businesses. How we do this is we replace the chopped down trees with new healthy ones so to not completely destroy the entire area.
    Deforestation is a major issue that is not cared about near as much as it should be. It needs to be addressed quickly and with a great course of action.

    • kinley meadors says:

      I agree with you. Deforestation is very bad for animals and bad for the environment. I like that you said we need to replace the cut down ones with new healthy ones so that it does not completely destroy the whole area. That is a smart idea! This does need to be addressed and we need to start trying to help to prevent it.

    • Ty Pesl says:

      I agree we should be more aware of the environment when we cut down trees, pollute the air and burn coal we are hurting creation! The very thing that we live off of.

    • Natalie says:

      I strongly agree with your article. Tons of animals are dying each year to deforestation. As a community we need to help stop deforestation.

  8. Harrison Bender says:

    Why NASA shouldn’t drill into the Yellowstone Super volcano (at least for now)

    The Yellowstone Super Volcano last erupted about 630,000 years ago,and scientists say it will happen again. Either tomorrow or 1 million years from later. But NASA has a plan to stop it by drilling into the caldera and cooling it down with water. If they are successful the super volcano will never erupt again. And the that sounds good but they need about $3.5 billion for it to work. But if they fail and somehow trigger the super volcano, which would cause an explosion that covers 500 mile radius with ash. With that crops wouldn’t be able to get the sunlight they need to grow and could send parts of America into famine. Now paying $3.5 billion for a 50/50 chance of stopping this thing forever or bringing the explosion closer to our time doesn’t really sound fun to me. I’m not completely turning this idea down but I think scientists need to do more experiments to understand what they’re dealing with better.

    • jase easley says:

      i agree because if they did drill it would mess alot of things up including other peoples land also they said there was a 50/50 chance and that is isnt very great so i would want to have a better percentage and the price to do it is very overwhelming so if they did it we’d be much farther in debt and it would be harder to get out


    • Kyndal Robinson says:

      I completely agree with you, Harrison. I thought it was very informative, and also, entertaining. I like how you brought a little bit of humor into your article, while still keeping it professional. Great job, Harry.

  9. kinley meadors says:

    To inform you about North Korea’s President Kim Jong Un and the nuclear bombs he is planning to send our way with a big BOOM! President Trump is not threatening to do anything until word gets out that the nuclear bomb is actually heading toward the U.S. We will more than likely cut of their trading routes so they can’t get anything and if it get’s any worse we will threaten war. Our country is waiting anxiously to see what happens and how it turns out. North Korea has already flew one to Guam and one to Japan and we may be next! But our country is ready for anything!

  10. Natalie says:

    ANIMAL ABUSE by :Natalie Newton

    My topic is about animal abuse. Also how we as a community needs to stop it. Animal abuse can effect the world around you more than you think, and it can contribute to other problems in society. Read below to find out the causes and effects to find out how to help.

    If you didn’t already know animal abuse is illegal. Therefore no one is allowed to mistreat any animal. If you do mistreat an animal then according to the case you may go to jail for long periods of time. You should treat your pet as a loved one and not just a toy.

    If you abuse animals in the wild, it can also effect other things. Because if you abuse them they can get sick or die. Other animals will come along and try to eat these animals and get sick because of it.

    There are many possibility’s of what can happen these are just a few.
    This is so important to me, because I believe that every animal has a purpose just like humans. And if we don’t stop this problem now than we will have more problems in the future.

    • landri says:

      I agree with you. I agree because you see all the time that people let their animals almost die. And they make money off the TV shows. I also think that if we don’t end it now then their will be more problems later on.

    • Kyndal Robinson says:

      I completely agree with every single aspect of this. I am also big about wanting animals to be treated like they are loved, not like a punching bag. This is one of the best articles I have read in a very long time. I am impressed and astonished with everything about this, so I give you a standing ovation for your good work on this article. Good job, Natalie.

  11. jase easley says:

    Job before 16

    I feel like if your ready for a job before 16 you should read this. I am 12 and i feel like this should be able to happen because you know how your parents say you cant have a toy at the store or a video game you have to wait. So what you could do is get a job and buy it yourself and if so it would also save your parents money so if you wanted to go to college and you could also you could build up that money that they save for you and go to a really large one. I myself want a job before im 16 so my parents could take care of my other siblings and not have to worry about buying me things. I also want to treat my family with things that i can buy for them that they really want. The main point is that if you do it would work out better in many ways so you could support things and help people because when you are a kid that wants to help but doesn’t have any money you cant causes and disasters you can and as an example you could give people some money that lost there homes in hurricane harvey.

    • Harrison Bender says:

      You have a good idea and good points to persuade your audience, just your text at the end is a little confusing, but other than that it was good and it did convince me.

    • Ty Pesl says:

      I get what your saying but I don’t agree if children under 16 get a job what jobs would we do. Without education and a profession we can’t do jobs. Also if we get jobs kids won’t focus on their education witch we need to get a real job that will affect society.

    • Chloe says:

      I agree with you that kids should have a job before 16. Some people may want to make some money to save up for something if there parents can’t afford it. It also teaches kids responsibility and life skills. I think that kids should have a job at 12. I agree that people should be able to have jobs before 16.

  12. Ty Pesl says:

    Mrs. Williamson is my favorite teacher because she is laid back but also productive. She teaches Science and we do experiments that are fun but also educational. When we get done with all the things that we have planned for the day we get to have study hall or do something fun or sometimes on Fridays we watch Dude Perfect. but Mrs Williamson doesn’t just let us have fun she also gives us homework and is always available for questions. I love her math classes , She strives not only to teach us but to also make us understand fully. And if we don’t understand then she goes back and helps us.

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